DEC – Computer Science Technology 420.B0


  • Intensive training in English for adults
  • 1,980 hours given in just 16 months

    • during the day, Monday to Friday
    • Exceptionally some classes are given in the evening
  • Sanction: Diploma of College Studies (DEC)
  • Beginning of the next training: See our calendar, click here.


Do you have a strong interest in new technologies? Do you want to find work that uses your technical skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity? So, the DEC in Computer Science at Institut Grasset is for you!


Students will work in development environments such as:

  • OSX, Windows;
  • Xcode, Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Sublime Text;
  • Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Quicktime;
  • XAMPP, phpMyAdmin, SQL Designer;
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, JSON, JQuery;
  • Antidote, Word, Excel, Numbers;
  • Java, Swift, C, PHP

In 16 months and a 270-hour internship, get your DEC in Computer Science, New Media Programming Profile!


First, here is some data about the ICT sector (According to TECHNOCompétences):

  • To begin, 210,000 professionals are currently working in the ICT sector in Quebec.
  • In addition, Québec’s ICT sector generates annual revenues of $ 32 billion.
  • In 2017, 7,900 businesses worked in the ICT sector in Quebec; for example, 95% of them employed 50 people or less, and 70%, less than 5 people.
  • In fact, in 2017, 70% of ICT companies were concentrated in Montreal and Quebec City.
  • 81% of ICT companies in Quebec are in computer services and software publishing. As a result, they account for 65% of the skilled workforce.
  • Yet, 8% of Quebec ICT companies work in telecommunications and 22% of the workforce works there.
  • The GDP (gross domestic product) of the ICT sector was estimated at $ 16.1 billion in 2016. This corresponds accordingly to 5% of the GDP of Québec as a whole.
  • 52% of ICT professionals work for a company that does not specialize in technology, such as a private or public employer.
  • 27% of professionals in the ICT sector are immigrants while they represent only 15% of all jobs in Quebec. In fact, the ICT sector is particularly open to immigrant clients and active in the professional integration of immigrants.

Average entry wage: $ 18 / hour to $ 46 / hour. Median salary $ 30.05 / hour.

Examples of opportunities:

  • Programmer and Interactive Media Developer,
  • Database analyst, especially as a data administrator,
  • Analyst and Computer Consultant,
  • User Support Agent,
  • Designer and Web Developer.

Types of businesses to work for: primarily companies that specialize in new media, such as video game studios or large companies that develop in-house applications.


Session 1

Introduction to programming
Code: 420-YP6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Introduction to data bases
Code: 420-UB6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Code: 420-AL5-AG
Duration: 75 hours
Units: 2,66
Computer systems architecture
Code: 420-AS3-AG
Duration: 45 hours
Units: 1,33
Operating Systemes
Code: 420-SE4-AG
Duration: 60 hours
Units: 1,66
Office technology
Code: 412-BU3-AG
Duration: 45 hours
Units: 1,33
Mathematical logic
Code: 420-LM6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 2,66

Session 2

Object-oriented programming I
Code: 420-PJ5-AG
Duration: 75 hours
Units: 2,66
Introduction to web programming
Code: 420-YW5-AG
Duration: 75 hours
Units: 2,33
Database programmingI
Code: 420-PB6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Native mobile programming
Code: 420-PB6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Computer networks
Code: 420-RY4-AG
Duration: 60 hours
Units: 2,00
Project management
Code: 420-GP4-AG
Duration: 60 hours
Units: 2,00
Information security
Code: 420-SY4-AG
Duration: 60 hours
Units: 2,00

Session 3

Object-oriented programming II
Code: 420-PJ6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Advanced web programming
Code: 420-WA6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Advanced database programming
Code: 420-PA6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Mobile multiplatform programming
Code: 420-PM5-AG
Duration: 75 hours
Units: 2,66
User support
Code: 420-SU3-AG
Duration: 45 hours
Units: 1,33
Interface design
Code: 420-DY4-AG
Duration: 60 hours
Units: 2,00

Session 4

Advanced mobile application development
Code: 420-D10-AG
Duration: 150 hours
Units: 6,00
Connected devices programming
Code: 420-PC6-AG
Duration: 90 hours
Units: 3,00
Internship in a professional environment
Code: 420-T18-AG
Duration: 270 hours
Units: 7,00


To be admitted to the Computer Science program, you must:

  • Already have a DEC (or have completed general training, or almost) or have the equivalent of a DEC or more as issued by the Department of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI) and meet the special conditions of the program:
    • Have passed one of the following mathematics courses:
      • Technico-science mathematics course of the 4th or secondary,
      • Natural Sciences Mathematics course in Secondary IV or,
      • Culture, society and technique Secondary V mathematics course, or
      • Mathematics 436, for students who earned their DES before 2010.

Institut Grasset is a collegiate educational institution, recognized in the public interest by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. Its admission policy complies with the laws and regulations applicable to subsidized private colleges.

Admissions are ongoing. The student sends his application directly to Institut Grasset.

  • Processing of an application with all required documents is done within two weeks.
  • The number of places in the groups being limited, the student must send his request as soon as possible before the beginning of the session.

Institut Grasset is a private educational institution. To find out the tuition fees for the Computer Science Program, you must contact the Admissions Office at Institut Grasset.

You can apply for admission by one of these methods by:

The student must attach the following documents to his application for admission:

  • A birth certificate issued by the Department of Civil Status.
  • For students born abroad, proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status (Permanent Resident Card or IMM1000). Holders of a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) must provide a copy.
  • For students residing abroad, a copy of the study permit (to be provided upon arrival at the Institute) and a copy of the Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ).
  • Official transcript of high school grades issued by the Quebec Ministry of Education.
  • A copy of the most recent cumulative bulletin and a photocopy of the course schedule, if the student is attending or attending classes at a college.
  • $ 50 (cash or check made out to Collège André-Grasset) for admission fees.
  • A document proving permanent residence in Quebec may be required in some cases.

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